An innovative, EFFECTIVE program that will CHANGE your overeating - and your life!

Because Diets Don’t Work

Starting yet another diet is not the solution, and you are NOT the problem. Caught in the painful trap of taking weight off, only to put it back on? Surprisingly, emotional eating is a leading cause of chronic struggles with weight. Are you ready for a more EFFECTIVE approach?

Finally!  A weight loss program created especially for EMOTIONAL EATERS

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Are you an Emotional Eater?

Do you reach for food when you are stressed, tired, bored, lonely, or sad? If so, you may be struggling with a very common behavior called “emotional eating.” It IS possible to stop your emotional eating AND the excess weight it causes. We’re here to teach you how. Are you an emotional eater? Find out by taking our quiz.  (more)


Learn to Eat, Not to Diet

Do you know how to diet, but have no idea truly how to eat? If so, you are not alone! Our program helps chronic dieters break their diet-overeat-diet-overeat problematic eating cycles and teaches the science of eating and nutrition so you can eat “intuitively,” without ever feeling deprived or wanting to diet again!   (more)


Making Movement FUN!

For most chronic dieters, exercise is a 4-letter word. Intimidating gyms, boring workouts, and ridicule from others can turn you off from healthy exercise. But what if fitness was made safe – and fun? Our unique “intuitive exercise” approach to movement, and our PRIVATE exercise studio, helps you discover a new appreciation for your body.  (more)

Positive Results!

“Hopeful beyond my expectations.” age 62
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Helping EMOTIONAL EATERS find Freedom from Food!

Thehealthyweighout Leaf design with the words Physical, Nutritional, Emotional written inside leaves and the word Health in the middleTheHealthyWeighOut is Arizona’s innovative Emotional and Binge Eating Weight Loss Program created especially for individuals who struggle with emotional eating, compulsive overeating, and binge eating disorder. Developed by our compassionate team of eating disorder and weight management specialists in the fields of psychology, nutrition, and fitness, TheHealthyWeighOut is a non-judgmental, dynamic program that will help you identify the many reasons WHY you continue to overeat (such as stress, boredom, need for comfort, anger, sadness, and loneliness), and will successfully teach you HOW to change your problematic eating behavior, so you can achieve the healthy body and weight you desire, for life!

If you are frustrated, hopeless, or tired of approaching your food, body, and weight by engaging in the same restrictive, repetitive, ineffective dieting behavior, you are not alone!

Want long-term, sustainable change?  Take TheHealthyWeighOut!


Our next 6-week program starts October 28.  (Only 3 spots left!)

Interested? Give us a call or send us an email. We are happy to meet with you for a complimentary session to discuss how we can best help you meet your goals. Please call (480) 941-6999 or email  us at We look forward to getting to know you!

“Thank you A New Beginning and TheHealthyWeighOut staff. This program has changed my life.” ~ age 36