Because Diets Don’t Work!

2-Day Retreat

For individuals who want to explore our 6-week Emotional Eating Weight Loss Program but are not yet ready / able to commit to the full program, we offer a special introductory session that consists of just the first 2-day Retreat of the 6-week program.

In just two short days, Because Diets Don’t Work will give you the opportunity to explore your personal relationship with food in a way that you never have before! In this 2-day “starter” retreat, you will learn about:

  • emotional factors and function of your out-of-control eating behavior (believe it or not, there is a sensible reason for why you do this!) and how to start changing your mis-use of food as a means to cope with life.
  • Why you have been unable to sustain a diet for long periods of time (hint: it’s not due to lack of willpower!)
  • How to fall in love with enjoyable  movement (a.k.a. “intuitive exercise”)  to support long-term health.

This 2-day retreat is offered in the same small group format as our 6-week program. Individuals who wish to continue with the 6-week program following this introductory retreat will be able to continue by joining an existing 6-week program for the second and third small group retreats. For many, this is a fantastic way to learn more about our program before deciding to fully commit!

Dates for Upcoming 2-Day Retreats:  **CURRENTLY ACCEPTING REGISTRATIONS**

  • 2-day Retreat: April 28 – 29, 2017 (Friday 8:45am – 5pm, Saturday 8:45am – 3pm)
  • 2-day Retreat: July 28 – 29, 2017 (Friday 8:45am – 5pm, Saturday 8:45am – 3pm)

Upon completion of this 2-day retreat, you may decide to continue on in our 6-week Emotional Eating Weight Loss Program. Click here to review the dates of upcoming 6-week sessions you may join (you will participate in the second and third retreats).