Nutritional Services for Adults:

Healthy Weight Loss & Weight Management

A full array of services created specifically for treatment of emotional and binge eating. We help compulsive overeaters, emotional eaters, and those who struggle with binge eating disorder effectively attain a healthier relationship with food and their body, and to achieve the healthy weight they desire!

KristineKristine Sinner, MS, RDN, our Registered Dietitian, is available to work one-on-one through our individual nutrition services.

Nutritional services include:

  • Nutrition evaluation
  • Nutrition therapy (25- and 50-minute sessions)
  • Development of healthy meal & snack plan
  • Education about metabolic and nutritional functioning
  • Mindful eating instruction
  • Healthy cooking guidance
  • Diabetes education & self-management
  • Meal support & challenges

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