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MASK (Mothers Awareness on School-Age Kids) Magazine

IFB - MASK ArticleDid you see A New Beginning and Dr. Julie T. Anné featured this month in MASK (Mothers Awareness on School-Age Kids) Magazine? We are so grateful for the education and awareness this wonderful organization brings to parents, children and teens regarding such relevant issues as eating disorders, substance abuse and bullying.

Thank you founder, Kimberly Cabral, for always believing in our mission and trusting our expertise. We are honored to work alongside you!

August 2016

KTAR News 92.3FM – Bruce St. James & Pamela Hughes Podcast: “Mother’s Day – Leaving Body Image Legacy to Kids”

dr-julie-white-jacket-cc-imageWhich legacy will you be leaving your daughter? “The Gift” of a positive body-image or “The Struggle” of never feeling satisfied with your body and weight?

Got a daughter? Please listen to this KTAR News pre-Mother’s Day interview on The Bruce St. James & Pamela Hughes Show.

Listen to the Interview

May 2016


ABC 15 Arizona: Dr. Julie T. Anné on Overcoming Body Shame

Dr. Julie T. Anné talks with abc15 about how to overcome body shame, especially shame that stops you from engaging in healthy lifestyle behaviors.

March 2016

3TV Phoenix: Dr. Julie T. Anné Discusses Body Shame with Olivia Fierro

Dr. Julie T. Anné was invited to talk with Olivia Fierro on Channel 3 about how to reject body shame, both within yourself and our society.

March 2016

KTAR News 92.3FM – Bruce St. James & Pamela Hughes Podcast: Weight Issues and Body Shame


Thank you so much wonderful Bruce St. James for sharing so much of your personal story with weight issues and body shame during Dr. Julie T. Anné’s recent interview on The Bruce St. James & Pamela Hughes Show. Your candor and openness surely helped listeners feel “not alone” in their struggles with body shaming.

Listen to the Interview

March 2016




AZTV7 Phoenix: Warning Signs of Eating Disorders, From Anorexia to Binge Eating Disorder

It’s National Eating Disorder Awareness Week and Dr. Julie talks with Pat McMahon at aztv7 about the warning signs of eating disorders.

February 2016


KTAR News 92.3FM – Bruce St. James & Pamela Hughes Podcast: Helping Kids Avoid Eating Disorders

An 8-year-old who no longer wants to eat french fries? 10-year-old kids who are afraid of becoming “fat?”

As a parent, if you feel like you are swimming upstream against a treacherous tide of media / social influences, you have to hear this interview!

Dr. Julie loved the energy with The Bruce St. James & Pamela Hughes Show on KTAR News talking about how parents CAN empower themselves and help their kids steer clear of developing an eating disorder, beginning at home!

Missed today’s interview? Here is a clip of the segment!

February 2016

ABC15: Signs of an Eating Disorder

Dr. Julie sits down with ABC15 in honor of National Eating Disorder Awareness Month to discuss the signs that someone is struggling with an eating disorder.

February 2016

3TV Phoenix: How To Spot an Eating Disorder in Loved Ones

In honor of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, Dr. Julie was invited to speak on Channel 3 about how to spot an eating disorder in loved ones.

February 2016

ATEAZ Central – Ask the Expert: Eating disorders in older adults, younger kids

Dr. Julie T. Anné talks about the ever-growing number of “late in life” eating disorders affecting both men and women. Read azcentral “Ask the Expert” to learn more about older adults and eating disorders, and how to effectively treat them.

February 2016


Arizona’s 12 News: Recovery from Anorexia and Bulimia

Eating Disorder Awareness Week special feature on Arizona Channel 12. Dr. Julie speaks about hope for full recovery from anorexia and bulimia. Watch the Segment

February 2016

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The Fountain Hills Times: Emotional Eating Program 1-Year Anniversary

Dr. Julie and Dr. Ashley were featured in The Fountain Hills Times to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of their innovative Emotional Eating program, TheHealthyWeighOut.

Read the full article here.

January 2016




Diets Don’t Work: Intuitive Eating Approach to Help You Stop Dieting

BETTER THAN SPANX!   It’s a New Year and time for a New Approach! Dr. Julie talks with AZ Morning Scramble about the importance of letting go of harmful New Year’s diets and, instead,  how to develop a healthy approach to food and your body that helps you manage your eating and weight in a healthy, sustainable way.  Anchor Danielle joked, “All I need is a good pair of spanx!” and Dr. Julie replied,  “You are already beautiful… because you shine from the inside out!” Watch the full clip here.

January 2016


Arizona Foothills Magazine: How to Have a Positive Self-Image in the New Year

Dr. Julie  was interviewed for the article, “How to Have a Positive Self-Image in the New Year” in the Arizona Foothills Magazine. To read the full article, please click here.

January 2016


The No-Diet Diet: A No-Diet Approach to Managing Your Weight & Weight Loss

THROW AWAY THE SCALE!  That was Dr. Julie‘s advice to Scott Pasmore and the AZFamily 3TV Team! Want healthier, non-disordered weight management in 2016? Watch this clip to learn how. Dr. Julie T. Anné breaks it down into 5 easy steps on Channel 3.

January 2016

How to Teach Children About Body-Image: Parents Prevent Eating Disorders in Children

Dr. Julie T. Anné really enjoyed speaking with Lisa on a special holiday episode of Morning Scramble AZ-TV. The topic was, “How parents’ negative comments about appearance and body image can have a lasting effect on their children.” Missed the show? To watch the full interview, please click here.

December 2015

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 12.15.47 PMDr. Julie T. Anné featured in the Arizona Republic “Ask the Expert”

Tired of hearing about New Year’s weight loss resolutions that result in nothing but disappointment – and create even MORE problematic eating behavior? Dr. Julie T. Anné offers a new, effective approach to achieving the healthier self you desire in 2016. New Year? How about trying this New Approach! Read azcentral “Ask the Expert” to learn how!

December 2015



Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 12.25.20 PM Dr. Julie T. Anné featured in the Arizona Republic “Ask the Expert”

If you’re like most parents, you want to do whatever you can to boost your child’s self-esteem and prevent body image issues in the future. Dr. Julie T. Anné provides great tips for parents about how to effectively navigate appearance-focused issues with your children. Read azcentral “Ask the Expert” to learn how!

November 2015



IMG_58001100 KFNX – “The Mothers” Radio Show

Dr. Julie T. Anné was invited to speak with a new radio show, The Mothers, about how to raise children with healthy body image. This radio show, hosted by four moms, is dedicated to addressing a variety of issues faced by moms from all walks of life, including how to prevent eating disorders and promote a positive relationship with one’s body . As always, we value the opportunity to contribute to our community! Click here to listen to the radio interview.

July 2015



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AZ Foothills Magazine: How to Enjoy Working Out

Marta Malloy and Dr. Ashley Southard were invited to write an article for AZ Foothills Magazine titled, “How to Enjoy Working Out.” We are grateful for the opportunity to spread our message that no matter your health goals, having FUN and listening to (and respecting) your body is a must!

March 2015



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Arizona Health and Living: Empowering Valley residents to take control of their health

Arizona Health and Living (East Edition) featured TheHealthyWeighOut and A New Beginning, showcasing our passion for empowering people to take control of their lives in healthy, responsible ways.

March 2015


Paradise Valley Lifestyle Magazine: “Emotional Eating Versus Healthy Weight Loss”

Dr. Julie T. Anné was invited to write an article for Paradise Valley Lifestyle Magazine titled, “Emotional Eating Versus Healthy Weight Loss.”

February 2015

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North Phoenix Family: “Healthy Restaurant Eating for Kids”

Our skillful registered dietitian, Kristine Bott Sinner, was invited to write an article for North Phoenix Family titled, “Healthy Restaurant Eating for Kids.” She provides great suggestions for busy families on the go who want to nourish their children with healthy, budget-friendly restaurant meals.

February 2015



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Arizona Republic Feature Story

TheHealthyWeighOut and A New Beginning were recently featured in the Arizona Republic – we love that they captured the heart and passion behind A New Beginning and TheHealthyWeighOut!    

January 2015









Ahwatukee Foothills News: “Secrets to keeping New Year’s weight-loss resolutions”

TheHealthyWeighScreen Shot 2015-04-09 at 10.05.51 PMOut and A New Beginning were recently featured in Ahwatukee Foothills News about ‘Secrets to keeping New Year’s weight-loss resolutions.

January 2015




New Year’s Resolutions: Stay Healthy by Exercising with Friends

Dr. Julie T. AnnéDr. Ashley Southard, and Marta Malloy had a great time on NBC 12 talking about the importance of working out with a friend or in a small group to help you stick with an exercise routine that is fun and effective. We also introduced the concept of “Intuitive Exercise” – movement that is fun, flexible, and based on how your body is feeling and what it is needing…much like “Intuitive Eating!” Click here to watch the segment.

December 2014

Stop Dieting: Keys to Healthy Weight Management

Dr. Julie T. Anné, co-creator of TheHealthyWeighOut, spoke with Lisa from Morning Scramble AZ-TV on December 18, 2014, about how to leave chronic dieting behind in 2014 and find TheHealthyWeighOut in 2015! Click here to watch to the interview.

December 2014