Healthy Weight Loss Programs for Kids and Teens

Watching your child battle obesity is a heartbreaking experience. If your child is struggling with a weight issue, they may be experiencing low self-esteem, bullying/teasing, prediabetes,and/or sleep problems. Additionally, their young bodies are at risk of later developing illnesses such as cardiovascular disease and cancer.

At TheHealthyWeighOut, we understand the importance of children and teens developing strong, healthy bodies; and we are committed to teaching families and their children how to develop sound weight management skills that will benefit them for the rest of their life!

Diets are dangerous for children and teens and oftentimes backfire into disordered eating and related weight gain. TheHealthyWeighOut is leading the nation in moving away from restrictive dieting practices that fail 95% of the time.  Our approach teaches kids to get back to healthy “intuitive eating” practices and to fall in love with healthy consistent movement so that their bodies can return to, and then maintain, their ideal body weight.

Our healthy weight loss program works with kids and their families to battle childhood obesity in a safe and FUN way. Families are invited to take advantage of one, two, or all three of our healthy weight loss components: emotional, nutritional, and physical.

Childhood obesity rates have tripled in the past 30 years, with 1 out of 3 children now considered overweight or obese. Helping your child (and your family!) develop sound weight management skills that allow them to go into adulthood with a HEALTHY approach to food, weight and their body is the best gift you can give your child.

Emotional Treatment

Children and teens affected by weight issues may also experience emotional issues that are uniquely connected to their eating behaviors. Like adults, some children eat excessively in response to stress and boredom. Therapy is a safe place for kids to explore these issues and better understand how to cope with their feelings without the use of food. Family members, such as parents and siblings, are often an integral part of this process.

Delivered by our team of non-judgmental, compassionate clinicians who specialize in working with children and teens, families are able to work towards healthy, responsible, and sustainable behavioral change!


Nutritional Treatment

Nourishing a growing body is no small task, and it is so important for children and their parents to understand this delicate balance of knowing what and how much to eat without making food the focus of every day!

Our skilled and compassionate dietitian, Kristine Sinner, MS, RDN, loves working with families to help them understand nutrition throughout the growing years. She works alongside parents teaching them what and how much to serve, and helps children understand why it is so important to properly fuel their bodies (while also enjoying typical “kid foods” with their friends).


Physical Activity

Establishing an active lifestyle in the early years sets in motion a wonderful relationship with exercise and health for years to come. Children affected by weight issues may be resistant to exercise because it has become associated with weight loss, it’s uncomfortable, or it’s simply not fun.

At TheHealthyWeighOut, our personal trainers, Marta and Terri, are stellar in helping kids and teens reclaim their love of movement. From basketball games to boxing to training for a sports event, children are taught that movement can be both good for your body and super fun!  In our PRIVATE exercise studio, kids (and their families!) feel safe, non-judged and have a great time as they develop healthy movement skills!